I realize that you probably have a lot of questions regarding your wedding day, and I want to answer them!  Send me an email or give me a call and I would love to take you out to lunch and answer your questions. In the mean time, here are some answers to my most commonly asked questions.

Where are you located?
I  am located in Ojai, California and available for worldwide travel. I commonly photograph weddings from Big Sur to Orange County.

How would you describe your aesthetic style?
I love to utilize nature and stunning outdoor backdrops while highlighting the emotion of the couple in a natural, unposed manner. I prefer to photograph using natural light to evoke a romantic, etherial feel. 

Do you use film or digital?
At this time I mainly shoot in digital format. If you are interested in having your wedding or photo session shot in film, please let me know, as this is a service I offer!

How many photos do you take?
I take quite a few photos throughout your wedding day, but when your final package arrives you can expect about 50 photos per hour of coverage. I realize that any more than that can get overwhelming.

Do you photograph elopements, same-sex and other "non-traditional" weddings?

Will all of the images be edited?
Yes, all of the photos you receive will be cropped, color corrected and completely print-ready! I also offer full retouching at an additional fee.

Are digital files included in your packages?
Yes, digital files are included in all of my services at no additional cost.

Can we make prints from the digital files we receive?
Yes. I photograph life's most meaningful moments and I want  you to have more than just a dvd to remember them by. I highly encourage getting prints and print products made, whether you order them through me or through a third party. However, if you do have prints made, please order them through a professional and reputable print lab for optimal quality. I recommend Color Services print lab.

How long have you been photographing?
I  began photographing in 2005, and have been professionally shooting weddings since 2010.

Do you bring backup equipment?
Always! At every wedding I have at least 3 camera bodies, 5 lenses and an assortment of batteries, memory cards, and flashes! 

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes, I do. If your venue requires proof of insurance, please let me know and I will be happy give them that information.

We’re sold! How do we book?
Great! First, send me an email or give me a call so we can discuss your amazing day in a little more detail. I will send  you my pricing catalog and then hopefully we can arrange to meet face-to-face or over skype to get to know each other a bit better. To reserve your date, I require a 50% deposit and a signed contract. No exceptions.