Finding the right wedding photographer

While we LOVE getting emails from new couples, there is one sad email that we receive all to often, and it goes something like this: "We had this incredible wedding and hired this photographer that we thought was going to be great, but it turns out that we hate our wedding photos! Can we hire you to redo some formals in a bridal session?

Sincerely, Bummed Out" 

And even though we are always  honored that people want us to take their photos, we truly believe that everyone should ADORE their wedding photos, and it breaks our heart when we hear about bad experiences! So I would love to share with you all some tips on finding the right wedding photographer for you and your wedding!

1. (And this one is the most important!) Make your wedding photos a priority! Whether or not your wedding photos are a priority during the planning process, I can almost guarantee that they will be after the wedding. While your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, it's also one of the fastest! Once the day is over, you are likely to forget the food, the stationary, the music, and the flowers.. But, having incredible photos that document the details and the moments of your day will allow you to relieve them for the rest of your life. Keep in mind, finding a wedding photographer isn't just something to check off the wedding planning list- these photographs will be a part of you life as long as you live, and even after- so make sure you love them!

2. That being said, budget all you can on your wedding photos. When it comes to wedding photographers, price often reflects experience and talent. While new and low priced photographers and students can sometimes be a great option if that is all you can afford, newer photographers often do not have the experience to handle odd lighting conditions, people who aren't comfortable having their photograph taken, timeline changes and other issues that often arise during a wedding day. This inexperience is almost always reflected in the photos. Hiring a professional, experienced wedding photographer who may charge more, means that you are hiring someone who knows what they are doing and can handle any situation and come out with a stellar photo.

3. If possible, meet your photographer before hand! If that isn't an option make sure you can skype or call them. By talking to them outside of email, you can get an idea of their personality and professionalism. Make sure you like your wedding photographer! You will likely spend more time with them on your wedding day than you will with your spouse.

4. Have an engagement session. Have an engagement session. Have an engagement session. What better way to decide if you like a photographer and their work than to do a shoot with them before the wedding? I can't stress it enough- have an engagement session! You can see our engagement session tips HERE.

5. Ask to see full weddings they have shot. Often these are already showcased in their blog or on their Facebook page. But if they are not, make sure you see a few full weddings before booking to make sure the photographer captures everything from details to family shots in a way that you love.

6. Look for reviews. If a photographer does not have any reviews on their site or an outside site, like weddingwire, make sure to ask for some. Hearing about other couples' experiences can really help you to decide if they are the right photographer for you.

7. Go with your gut! Choose the photographer that you just adore! This day and these photographs are so important. So once you have considered the options, ask yourself "Do I really love this photographer?" And if you do, choose them!

Happy planning! As always, please feel free to email us or comment if you're looking for more tips!