Our love story.. the beginning!

Shaun and I met in February at the most inopportune but also perfect time. Shaun had just moved to the states (from South Africa) at the end of December and was dealing with trying to settle on a new continent all while losing his home and his financial support. I was going through a horrid breakup, also losing my financial support, and housing. We were both tired and ready to let go of our dream of going to Brooks.

February marked the start of a new semester and a new season in our lives. The first time we ever saw each other was at the beginning of our psychology class. Shaun walked into the room, and everything stopped. It wasn't that I had to be with this man- but I had  to know him. I felt as if we had magnets between us.. pulling us to one another. And from then on, I knew he was something special. Over the course of the class we found ourselves moving closer and closer to each other until one day, as we were sitting next to each other I asked him about a movie he had watched. He looked me in the eye with the most piercing gaze you could imagine and said "what was that, Skyla?" and I was sold. I nearly melted on the spot. I knew that some day I had to marry this man. Little did I know how soon it would be.

On one of the last days of class, Shaun and I finally had a real conversation. He invited me on a hike, which I couldn't make, but it gave us an excuse to add each other on facebook. The next night around eleven, I was trying (and failing) to finish a ten page paper and he sent me a message on facebook. Feeling a sudden burst of confidence (and really not wanting to write that paper) I proposed that we go to the beach and jump in the ocean. He agreed and I squealed. We met up at East Beach and I was so anxious I practically ran to the ocean, but very true to himself Shaun stopped me and asked me to talk. We sat on the beach for an hour and talked about life as if we had been best friends for years. We talked about our dreams, our past, and our future- both of us secretly hoping that our futures included one another. After having spent the past few months feeling like my life was falling apart, I finally felt  free and happy!

With our new lease on love and life we ran to the ocean and dived right in, screaming and playing like children. When we finally felt cleansed of all that had been holding us back, we walked back to the car...

That night on the beach started everything. Soon, we were inseparable. Within two months of dating, we were packing up to move into our perfect mountain cabin in the forest above Santa Barbara. Life in our new home was blissful and exhilarating, but we wanted more - we wanted forever.

 Keep your eye out for the proposal story from Shaun!