6 months of bliss.

Today Shaun and I have been married 6 months. And while I feel that he has always been a part of me, the past six months have sped by. Everything feels as if it finally in place.

I sit here in the warm summer air, content- beaming. I never knew life could be this good.

The words I spoke that day..


I remember the very moment you walked into psychology class that March day. I will never forget that day and the way I felt about you, the sheer magnetism I felt towards you. You were a stranger and yet I knew you so well.. and even then I knew you were the only person who knew me. Weeks later we spoke, a simple "what was that, Skyla?" and I knew you were the one. You have always been the one. I have spent a lifetime preparing you for you. A lifetime waiting to be your wife. Now that you are here life is beautiful and rich,  I finally know exactly where I am supposed to be. The moment you walked into my life, I came alive. You are my greatest blessing. My love, thank you for being my friend, my family, and my biggest supporter.. I am a better person for knowing you. The night we jumped into the ocean I made these vows to myself. Today I finally get to make them to you.. Shaun, I promise to always stand by you, no matter what crazy ideas you come up with (and we both know there will be many of those) I promise to hold you in the happiest of times and the darkest. I promise to always have fun with you, be affectionate with you, and try my hardest to make the best of everything that we do. I promise to always stand by you, support you, and push you to be your best. I promise to always forgive you and to work through anything we may encounter. I promise to always try to be the best wife I can be. Most of all, I promise to love you always. 


All photos copyright Matt Ehnes