Heather and Bret- Taft Ranch Barn Wedding in Atascadero

 From the Bride, Heather: "Our favorite moment was when we saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. Our eyes were locked on each other the entire walk down the aisle, smiling from ear to ear with excitement and joy. We had been dreaming of how that very moment would feel, but to actually be in that moment together was pure bliss. Our other favorite moment was our first dance as husband and wife. It was an unforgettable moment to share while we were dancing, looking into each other’s eyes, and singing the words to one another.  Our song “Your Everything” by Keith Urban had the perfect words to describe our love we share.
      Our wedding venue was inspired by our love for country music. Bret has always been a fan of country music. Heather fell in love with country after Bret made her a CD full of his favorite songs and songs that reminded him of her. A barn seemed to fit us perfectly! We chose Taft Ranch because of its natural and rustic beauty. On the inside, there were twinkling lights around the wooden columns and throughout the barn, the cast iron chandeliers with sheer white fabric hanging elegantly high in the rafters, and the floor was covered in hay with wine barrels as small tables to hold decorations and flowers. The outside of our venue had a bridge for our guests to drive over before parking, a large sycamore tree that provided shade for everyone during the ceremony, and the barn itself was a beauty to admire! 
Heathers father designed and constructed our ceremony arbor, which was a very meaningful detail to us. The wood was gathered from Heathers grandfathers’ property in Oregon and brought all the way to California. After the ceremony, we moved the arbor inside to use as the backdrop for our sweetheart table. Once there, we hung mason jars with lit candles inside, creating a gorgeous and romantic scene. We now have the arbor in our own backyard to remind us of our special day."