Tribe de Mama Los Angeles

Tribe de Mama is an online women's empowerment magazine made from a collective of goddesses. After birthing her sweet baby boy, Tribe de Mama founder Dori was inspired by the beautiful friendships she made with other mothers and women via instagram to create an online tribe serving to bring women together and form a community of shared wisdom. Tribe de Mama was born out of San Diego, but luckily we've developed our own sweet little sister-circle here in Los Angeles! Over the weekend, this lovely group of powerful women got together in accordance with the new moon (of course ;)  )  we shared in food, stories, a guided meditation, and then we finished the afternoon off weaving dreamcatchers. 

As we sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and talked about our dreams, one of the women mentioned how as children we never had experiences like this. Our mothers didn't come together in a circle and share their joys and sorrows. For so many years our culture has abandoned the tribe mentality in favor of independence. But things finally seem to be coming full circle, we've realized that we need each other. We need support. We need sisterhood.

So yes, we gather for ourselves. But also for our children- so they can be raised seeing firsthand the power of family and love. I hope that one day, when my children are grown, experiences like this will be etched deep into their hearts and they will know the power of community and human connection. 

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