Hiring Your Wedding Photographer – Some Common Questions & Answers

So you have found your dream wedding photographer! Congratulations! Now what?…

Well first, a disclaimer: You’re wedding is a one-time thing. It is one of the most glorious days of your life, and while you may want the best rentals, food, and flowers, soon you will forget all of those details. Years down the road, all you will have are the memories and the photos. Your wedding photos will likely be hung up in your home for the rest of your lives. Your children and your grandchildren will treasure your wedding photos.

With that being said – hiring your wedding photographer is an INVESTMENT – so make them a PRIORITY!



Now, back to what I was getting at!

How do we decide how much coverage to go with?  Most couples hire their wedding photographer for about eight to ten hours of coverage. However, each wedding and it's timeline differs. Take a look at our post on how to plan you wedding photography schedule, if you are still unsure about how much time to book your wedding photographer for, let them know! A good photographer will be more than willing to go over your schedule with you and help you decide how many hours you need.

Should we do an engagement session? Yes! Did you get that? Let me say it again… yes!! An engagement session means that you get to meet your photographer, bond with them, and get to know what it feels like to be in front of their camera. On your wedding day you won’t have much time to warm up to the camera, so doing an engagement session before hand allows you to get comfortable and excited about having your picture taken. On top of all of that, it is great to have professional photos done of the two of you that can be used for save the dates, gifts for parents and grandparents, and just for hanging up all over the house. You can read more about engagement sessions in this post

How important is an album? If an album is even remotely in your budget, get an album. Your grandchildren are not going to treasure a disc of wedding images that will likely be out of date by then, but they will treasure a beautifully crafted album with your beloved photos in it. This album is something you will look through countless times to relive the beauty and emotion of your special day. Once you have it, it becomes something that is invaluable. But can’t we just order one of those books online? Well of course you can, and for some people those books are a great option. However, when you go with an album from your photographer, you are generally getting a top of the line, piece of art. The albums your photographer will give you cannot be bought by the average consumer, which usually means they are of much higher quality, come with warranties, and are going to be designed beautifully.


How many photos should we expect to receive? All photographers have a different policy on this, but we tend to think about 50 photos per hour of coverage is a good amount. While some photographers may give upwards of 2,000 photos, we think that can be overwhelming. When it comes to your wedding photos, choose quality over quantity- it is better to have 300 stellar images, than 2,000 mediocre ones.

tips for hiring your wedding photographer- Central coast wedding photographer Shaun and Skyla Walton

How quickly can we expect to see our photographs? Every photographer differs on this greatly- from 48 hours to 6 months. When choosing a photographer, take this into consideration. How impatient are you? How much editing are you expecting from your photographer? This time varies so greatly because of many reasons, and while you may be dying to see your photos, remember that many photographers shoot upwards of 30 weddings per year that they need to edit, and this can take a lot time. If you are working with us, you can expect to see an online preview gallery within two weeks, and your full package within 90 days.