10 Tips for your Engagement Session Photos

Engagement sessions are often one of the most fun times during the wedding planning (besides cake tasting!) So if you are looking forward to your engagement session, but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at some of these tips!

My number one tip: Have an engagement session! An engagement session is the perfect time to bond with your photographer and get an idea of what it will be like when they photograph you on the wedding day. Engagement photos are also great to have around the house, hang up at the wedding, and they make the perfect gift for parents, grandparents and anyone else who won’t be able to make the wedding!

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But we are so uncomfortable in front of the camera! You are not alone! Most people are not used to having their picture taken. If at all possible, hang out with your photographer before the shoot. Whether it’s going out to lunch or a Skype session, feeling comfortable with your photographer will make it a lot easier. If you still feel uneasy, let your photographer know. They will more than likely have a few games and exercises that will have you making Blue Steel faces in no time.

ten tips for your engagement session

What in the world should we wear?? The most important thing to remember is that your engagement session is about you! Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Color is great! Go for coordinating colors without being too matchy. Avoid logos or anything else that will be distracting in the photos. Take a look at this great article if you’re still feeling unsure about what to wear. We recommend bringing 2-3 outfits, ranging from casual to semi-formal

what to wear for your engagement session

Look your best! If you want to go all out and get you hair, nails and makeup done then do it! If you feel confident and beautiful that will translate on camera.

what to wear for your engagement session central coast wedding photographer

Keep in mind that your photographer will more than likely be taking pictures of your hands so make sure your hands and nails are clean and well-kept.

tips for your engagement session

With all of the fads going on in engagement photography, go with a style that is uniquely yours. Don’t do something just because you saw it on a blog. These are your photos and you are going to want to still love them in ten years when that trend is long gone.

tips for your engagement session

Your photographer will most likely recommend shooting early in the morning or late in the day. Go with that! The light is much more flattering and you will appreciate it in the long run.

engagement session tips central coast wedding photographer

Don’t be shy to share your ideas! Do you have a pose or a fun prop you would like to incorporate? Tell your photographer, they should be more than happy to include it.

tips for your engagement session

Make sure that you have chosen the right photographer. You should love not only their images, but their personality. Once you found one you love, trust them! One of the best gives you can give a photographer is your trust.

engagement session tips central coast wedding photographer

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! See your engagement session as a date. How often do you get to dress up and spend two hours staring into each others eyes, kissing, hugging, and just being really dang cute? Your engagement is an incredible time in your journey together so treasure it.

tips for your engagement session

A few extra do’s and dont’s:
-Don’t over tan. It tends to look unnatural on camera.
-Don’t wear clothes that are too sheer.
-Don’t wear colored contacts that are lighter than your natural eye color
-Do wear a little extra mascara, it helps the eyes pop
-Do make it personal
-Do enjoy yourself!